Castle Cats v1.4.4 Hack MOD Apk – Download Free Latest Version 2017


Castle Cats v1.4.4 Mod APK Unlocked: The brave cat will be protector of catania the goal of this guild is to recruit heroes in order to save catania from the evil pyromancer’s. There are lots of thing to quest and all quest have a level requirement and at least one skill requirement. Encourages your cat to play and exercise , that will good for your catania but you are not alone in Castle Cats Mod Apk game the evil pyromancer’s reign is spreading like a wild disease so you have to stop her.

Details of Castle Cats Mod Apk

In Castle Cats Mod Apk game there will be variety of cats with beautiful color, you have to evolve in every mission and you have to unlock new skills, craft new items with alchemy and manage a guild of heroic cats. Send your cats on epic quest to collect the sweet reward. The Castle Cats Mod Apk game itself is very basic, you have to create a party of cats and assigned them to a timer-based mission according to the special skills of each cats. it has excellent graphic and lots of thing to do, it is a free-to-play mobile game for iOS and Android.

Castle Cats v1.4.4 Hack MOD Apk
Castle Cats v1.4.4 Hack MOD Apk

The main goal of Castle Cats Mod Apk game is to collect the cats and send them to the quest to complete the story. There is a mechanic in this game that allows you to speed up the war by tapping on the screen. You will be guild leader of cats recruit more than 60 unique cat heroes. This is a wonderful game and I would recommend you all to play this game, the story is funny and always has a sense of humor, that make you excited to play this game. Download Castle Cats Apk

Castle Cats Mod Apk Features:

– Recruit over 60 unique cat-heroes! Each with their own skills and traits!
– Send out your recruits on heroic quests to restore Catania!

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– Use Alchemy to craft the most unique of cats to your guild!
– Spend your hard-earned loot to Upgrade and Evolve your cat-heroes and guild!
– Cats fly, are snarky and burst into random frenzies. Deal with it!

– The Evil Pugomancer won’t go down without a fight! Join the battles or chill – it’s all up to you!
– Participate in Monthly Events with brand new heroes and additional Story Quests!

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