GPS Waypoints Navigator Apk Offline Maps Download Free


If you are looking for GPS Waypoints Navigator Apk so guys you step in on right web page cause we recently share latest GPS Waypoints Navigator Apk hacked version that we can provide direct download links via google drive. You can go through the article and see the direct download links below. GPS Waypoints Navigator Apk Free Download

GPS Waypoints Navigator Apk is a wonderful app to convert your phone into the most powerful GPS. It is the world’s most sought-after smart phone navigation aide. With dozens of options for navigating the back-country, waterways, and roadways, the tool set found in this software package will quickly become your best friend. Venture beyond network reaches using offline maps and tools that only require a good view of the sky. Share important location data with friends who will be able to navigate to your favorite waypoints and find your favorite trails.

GPS Waypoints Navigator Apk Free Download
GPS Waypoints Navigator Apk Offline Maps

About GPS Waypoints Navigator Apk:

GPS Waypoints Navigator Apk is one of the most powerful android powered devices with GPS Navigator waypoints. It has been developed by DS Software. Convert your phone into the most powerful GPS for Android Powered Devices with GPS Waypoints Navigator. Whether you are navigating to a waypoint in the wilderness or in the city, GPS Waypoints Navigator will help you find the way.

GPS Waypoints Navigator Apk Free Download
GPS Waypoints Navigator Apk Offline Maps

Features of GPS Waypoints Navigator Apk:

  • Waypoint and Trail management systems
  • Waypoint photography
  • Online and offline maps. Cache maps for offline use
  • Choose maps from multiple sources as Topo GPS, Google Maps, Satellite Maps, OSM etc
  • Waypoint file system
  • KML File importing and exporting for trails and waypoints. Your exported data will be viewable and navigable on your friend’s devices and in Google Earth
  • A panel for all your GPS Parameters
  • Navigational compasses
  • Trail recorder
  • Military coordinate finder
  • Several waypoint creation tools
  • Trail Guidance system
  • Map search
  • Satellite reports including satellite signal bar graphs and satellite position mapping
  • Seamless integration with Google Earth
  • Different GUI’s to choose from
  • Proximity alerts
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What’s New in GPS Waypoints Navigator Apk:

  • Update required to access NOAA nautical charts
  • More options for importing KML, KMZ and GPX files.
  • New raster map selector and downloaded for offline raster maps.
  • Places picker
  • Waypoint photojournal.
  • Add multiple photos and notes to any waypoint.
  • View in editable photojournal.
  • Set app language.
  • USGS topo maps.
  • Handles KMZ, KML, GPX files.
  • Waypoint search
  • Offline maps
  • Altitude profiles

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