Catapult King v1.5.4 MOD Apk Hack (Fully Unlocked Android) 2018

Catapult King v1.5.4 Mod v1.5.4 Apk Unlocked: Get ready to be amazed at this amazing, Catapult King game. Rescue your princesses from winged serpents by breaking and destroying all the down fortifications, manors, and the beast that comes in your way. Live and play this amazing 3D environment based game. In Catapult King Mod Apk, Don’t forget the Knights too as they will make it tough for you to reach the princesses.

Details of Catapult King v1.5.4 Mod Apk

The Catapult King Mod Apk game feature amazing 3D environment and great visual graphics with nice sound effects. Moreover, the game tests your mind by seeing how good you are in calculations. The Catapult King is like angry birds but with 3D environment and more complication that the angry birds. The beasts are tough to handle and the knights make it even worse. In Catapult King Apk, The controls are nice and great to handle too.

Catapult King 1.5.3 MOD Apk Hack
Catapult King v1.5.4 MOD Apk Hack

Overall the Catapult King Mod Apk’s gaming experience is very nice. You’ll get addicted to it very quickly. The Visual Graphics are very nice and the controls are very-very handy. You’ll be tested hard on your strategy to win the rounds and beat the odds. The Catapult King Apk game surely is very entreating and deserves 4.8 stars out of 5 stars. The game is free to download but in-app purchases are also there to make your game experience more amazing.

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Catapult King Mod Apk Features:

    Princesses are always getting themselves captured by winged serpents and this one is the same. Presently it’s dependent upon you to recover her utilizing your arms stockpile of cannon balls and catalysts.
    The Nasty Knights are helping the mythical beast keep the princess hostage. Show them a lesson in more than 100 fun and testing levels.
    Finish levels to gain enchantment, at that point utilize this to captivate your sling. You can give your launch an observable pathway for precision, utilize the Earth Shock to impact the terrible folks away, or bring in an overwhelming Lunar Strike!

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