Chess Tactics in Scandinavian v1.0.0 Mod Apk (Unlocked)

Chess Tactics in Scandinavian v1.0.0 Mod Apk (Unlocked): If you are looking for the Chess Tactics Mod Apk Download, then You are at the right place. I’ve played the game in my smartphone. And, I must say that the game experience was amazing. I’ve enjoyed alot while playing this game. You should also give it a try. We are here providing the fully featured hack mod apk download options at the bottom. The course of this apk provides all features unlocked. You don’t need to pay for unlocking the features.

Details Chess Tactics in Scandinavian v1.0.0 Mod Apk:

The Chess Tactics Mod Apk Download, Provides a course based on the intermediate level players (1200-1800) And, Even if you are higher rated. You can still learn various things from the theory section. And, the famous games included in the course helps a lot in learning. You’ll get the scandinavian position on the board after two moves – e4 & d5. The game becomes sharp at very early stage. You need ti know, the sharp moves that white could play against your setup. And, These moves may or maynot be a main line of the scandinavian.

Chess Tactics in Scandinavian
Chess Tactics in Scandinavian

Almost all the main lines are included in the course. And, you’ll find many more interesting features in the Chess tactics Mod Apk Download. You’ll be learning about the mistakes that white does. And, How to take advantages of such mistakes. OF anyone losses one chance in the opening. The table of the game will change forever from winning to losing. So, be active and careful – And, learn more about such tactical opening as Scandinavian by downloading this mod apk.

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Features of Unlocked Mod Apk:

Advantages of the program:
♔ High quality examples, all double-checked for correctness
♔ You need to enter all key moves, required by the teacher
♔ Different levels of complexity of the tasks
♔ Various goals, which need to be reached in the problems
♔ The program gives hint if an error is made
♔ For typical mistaken moves, the refutation is shown
♔ You can play out any position of the tasks against the computer
♔ Interactive theoretical lessons
♔ Structured table of contents
♔ The program monitors the change in the rating (ELO) of the player during the learning process
♔ Test mode with flexible settings
♔ Possibility to bookmark favorite exercises
♔ The application is adapted to the bigger screen of a tablet
♔ The application does not require an internet connection

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