Infinity Merge v1.0.1 MOD Apk Fully Hacked (Latest Version)

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Details of Infinity Merge Mod Apk

Infinity Merge Mod Apk is an Puzzle based game. Which allows you to use your puzzle solving ability – in much more better way than any other game. You can simply solve the basic level puzzles. But, the Intermediate and the expert level will really be the pain in the ass. I’ve played Infinity Merge Apk Download game in my smartphone. And, I must say that the game experience was amazing.

In Infinity Merge Mod Apk, You’ll get all the features of the game unlocked. And, All you need to do is to match the minimum 2 block with the same properties. You can also match more than 2. But, that you will face in the expert level puzzles. I’ve enjoyed alot while playing Infinity Merge Apk game. You should also give it a try. You need to combine your strategy skills with the puzzle solving to complete the game. Otherwise, you can not complete the game.

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Infinity Merge v1.0.1 MOD Apk Fully Hacked
Infinity Merge v1.0.1 MOD Apk Fully Hacked

Infinity Merge Mod Apk Features:

A Very Simple but Engaging Merge Game:

• Master the puzzle game structure and achieve the highest score;
• Match blocks with the same number of dots, colour and shape;
• Train your brain without even noticing.

Relaxing Game:

• ∞ Infinity Merge provides you a very relaxing gameplay, with a top design;
• Enjoy the soft and sweet music;
• No time limits, no life limits!

Sliding Puzzle Game with Good Mechanics:

• If you are familiar with 2048 or Dominoes Puzzle games, you will get used to Infinity Merge quickly.
• Slide in 4 directions to merge the blocks
• Use the Power-ups to reach the highest score you can

Download Link to Infinity Merge Mod Apk

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