Pokemon GO Apk Hack v0.87.5 for Android (Modded Version)

Credits : redmondpie.com

Pokemon GO v0.87.5 mod apk has been in the market since 2016. Since then, it has gained prominence among gamers around the world because of its unique gameplay and easy mobile features. These features hype conventional and even new Pokemon players every time they access the game in the comforts of their own mobile devices. pokemon go mod apk no root

Aside from finding new Pokemon, players have also engrossed on the latest updates the game developers release. There are several hack patches which make Pokemon GO exciting for its players, and one of its latest hack releases is the 0.69.1 and 1.39.1 versions for its Android and iOS users. pokemon go unlimited coins mod apk

Pokemon GO Hack Details

The latest 0.69.1 and 1.39.1 hacked versions – for Android and iOS devices respectively – of the Pokemon GO++ hack released has enticed many Pokemon players to download and install the said hack. This hack version gives them access to the modified game settings which its developer, Niantic Labs, has established before the usual features players see in the current game. The hack update fixes some bug issues Pokemon GO players have experienced since the latest patch of the game. It also provides new developments on the latest game patch released.

These include bug fixes on issues like freezing of application whenever six Pokemon characters are defeated or have fainted during Raid battles; motivation decay which affects Pokemon below 3,000 CP; and hanging of the game when a player consumes portions for its Pokemon too quick.

The latest update of Pokemon Go hack comes with a confirmation dialogue that currently shows once you plan to transfer clothed Pokemon. conjointly the exact same clothed Pokemon can’t be mass transferred any longer. several bugs have conjointly been mounted as well as one that was creating network errors once you were battling in gyms.

within the game, players use a mobile device’s GPS ability to find, capture, battle, and train virtual creatures, referred to as Pokémon, UN agency seem on the screen as if they were within the same real-world location because of the player. (pokemon go mod android)

Credits: redmondpie.com

Aside from these bug fixes, this latest hack patch hosts the reappearance of Spark in the field to appraise Pokemon characters during Team Instinct trainers. Issues on application crash in several iOS devices are also resolved by this hack update.

Players can now download the APK file of the above hack version on this site.

But before players can download and access the said hack, they need to have the latest version of the game on their mobile devices. The latest version released in the market is available in both Andriod and iOS users. Players should also download the Fly GPS application which is readily available in the app market.

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Pokemon GO++ Hack 0.69.1 Installation Process

After downloading the latest hack patch, as well as the other required application, players can now install this hack to their smartphones and into the game. Installation instruction of this hack may vary depending on the mobile device used but the following procedure is the usual step-by-step process done:

1. Access the phone Settings on the device.

2. Head over the About device option and locate the phone’s Build Number. This build number differs in several smartphone brands.

3. Tap the located Build Number seven times to gain access on the device’s Developer Mode.

4. Go back to the previous Settings menu and choose the Developer Options button.

5. Select Mock Location App. Upon selecting, a prompt will pop out. Just select the Fly GPS option.

6. Return to Settings. Select Privacy and Safety, then Location, then Location Method option. Players should ensure that the High Accuracy and Location History options are switched On.

7. Next, access the Fly GPS application and players should select their current location.

8. After inputting the details, players should choose GPS Service Run and select Joystick Location Mode-(Pokemon).

Once completed, players can now access the latest hack update for Pokemon GO.

Additional Features Pokemon go unlimited coins apk

There are also other updates brought by this latest patch for Pokemon Go. One of these involves an additional icon in the Pokemon information screen which indicates how the chosen Pokemon was caught. This aids players in determining the best way to catch Pokemon in the field without wasting too much Pokeballs.

Players are also given the ability to give berries to their Pokemons defending gyms through the Pokemon information screen even they’re miles away from the Pokemon. However, motivation regain will be less effective when this method is used.

This special berry-giving feature is also applicable to gym Pokemon with full motivation meters. This bonus update will surely be an aid in gym and Pokemon management.

The latest update also improves the search functionality of the Pokemon collection screen.

Other Pokemon GO Updates

Aside from the features of this patch update, players should also take note on the recent developments applied to the game. On the latest article released about Pokemon GO hacks, players are treated to different rewarding updates.

Topping these is the bonus base capture rate for legendary Pokemons encountered during boss raids. Players are given up to a 3% chance on catching legendary Pokemons like Articuno, Lugia, Moltres, and Zapdos. This might be a low bump up for some players but it still makes a difference on catching these rare finds.

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Players are also treated with special boxes found in Pokemon shop inside the game. These include Special, Great, and Ultra boxes which give players various loots and special items such as:

– Lures to attract more Pokemon around Pokestops for greater chances on catching one.

– Premium Raid Passes which allow players to participate more in boss raids,

– Pinap berries to double the amount of candies on every succesful catch.

But these boxes are not given for free. Players should spend some Poke coins and try their luck on choosing the best box for that round.

Several bugs were also resolved such as issues where players were unable to finish special raid battles before the time runs out on the map; and issues on some Pokemons which were not returned to the players after gym defense and battles. Players can also now turn the Photo Disc icon in the gyms after every raid battle in this latest update in Pokemon GO.

From these recent developments happening in Pokemon GO, no one can tell on what more it can give to its players. They may be experiencing Player vs. Player (PVP) battles and seeing the next gen Pokemon in the coming updates. For other games to try, check out GrizzlyG website.

In the middle of all these updates, the game developer always reminds its players that modifying or directly altering the game and its features may result to a permanent ban on the player’s account. It is advisable to leave the adjustments and hacks of Pokemon GO to its developer to ensure the game’s authenticity and have your account secured from any unwanted sanction.

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