Sniper Extinction 1.0007 MOD Apk + Data (Unlimited Money) Latest Version Download

Take a Look at Sniper Extinction 1.0007 Apk + Mod + Data Latest Version Download For Android. Sniper extinction – struggle mysterious invaders to the human survival. Employ high technological weapons and components of outfit. Inside this Android game you play as a professional sniper. You joined the rebellion army when human race looked at the edge of devastation. You will complete combat missions of diverse types in different corners of the environment

Sniper Extinction Mod Apk 1.0007 + Data (Unlimited Money) Download For Android:

Sniper Extinction latest hack can be just a very exciting and exciting Sniper game from the Barnlek A-B Gaming Studio to Android apparatus. It is available at no cost on Google Play and, upon petition, your latest update for the first time ever introduced for you personally, for Rejoice your lovers of actions matches! The total narrative of Sniper Extinction is that there is definitely an unknown force destroying the planet, and now you’re in the role of an elite with light weapons and fighting them to keep them from extinction the ground.

Sniper Extinction 1.0007 MOD Apk + Data (Unlimited Money) Latest Version Download
Sniper Extinction 1.0007 MOD Apk + Data (Unlimited Money) Latest Version Download

Sniper Extinction apk mod (unlimited money) is a three-dimensional shooter in which you must destroy enemy soldiers, officers, enemy equipment. Most missions you will take a look at the enemy through an optical sight, however, you will need to shoot against the large-calibre machine guns and cannons which are on board the aircraft-bombersStart your assignment from the Alaska Snowy Forest into the arid desert of Afghanistan and expel an extensive assortment of attackers one after the other and decide to try to accomplish the objective.

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Sniper Extinction mod (Full unlocked) gives you THREE HEART-PUMPING 3 d ACTION GAMES within 1 package! As part of an elite Tactical Support unit, your special skills will be put to use within three different FPS assignment types:130 special assignments are included from the Sniper Extinction match, with fantastic touch screens sprinkled on the monitor to point out goals and destroy them! If you are an enthusiast and action shot and also a sniper, take to Sniper Extinction and tell you the worthiness of downloading.

Eliminate competitions with the assistance of a sniper gun, shoot enemies out of large calibre machinegun or take a position of a shot plank of struggle plane. You are a married military, once the ideal sniper of our valiant nation. Very soon after your passing, the government asks for help – a global war broke out, in which countries united against the most important threat – terrorism. Unable to deny you again pick up your favourite vintoku and go to the battlefield.

Sniper Extinction Mod Features:

  • High replay-ability with multiple secrets and objectives at the mission levels
  • Level Ranks and Achievements!
  • Beautiful and realistic images and cartoons
  • Spectacular visual impacts
  • Destructible surroundings
  • Easy and Intuitive controls


  • among the best snipers of all time, you may kill your enemies from long distances using 15+ upgradeable high-precision sniper rifles.


  • Being a weapons specialist in a Tactical Support unit also entails inducing mayhem and laying down heavy fire in rail-shooter style assignments with machine guns mounted helicopters, on tanks and also forth armoured vehicles.
  • Your missions in CAMPAIGN MODE can take you across the globe, by the snowy woods of Alaska into the arctic deserts of Afghanistan. Never let the invaders rest!
  • Upgrade and expand your toolbox in the WEAPONS STORE. Improve your chances in combat with a big variety of sniper rifles.
  • Unlock enhancements Within the TECH TREE! Exchange your Tech Points for a Drone or why not attempt the Flexible Camouflage
  • Need an edge in battle THE BLACK MARKET has you covered with special bargains on guns, cash, diamonds and abilities. Telephone in a devastating Airstrike! Shoot through covers and walls with Piercing Bullets! Penetrate the most powerful armour together with the Damage Boost! Call in support flame from other sniper teams with the wolf pack
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What’s New:

  • Altered technology points icon place.
  • Polished mission summary screen.
  • Difficulty index is now abstract.
  • First chapter levels today creates cash and xp.
  • More abundant benefits from conflict chests, daily wages, and War Effort crates.
  • Fixed Energy BUG
  • Secrets are simpler to locate.
  • Additional snipers to War Effort levels.
  • Tutorial mark is now green and pulses.
  • centric tutorial.
  • Non-consumables currently dissipates if a match has been flashed.
  • Added notifications
  • Tweaked Epipen
  • Bailout button flashes.

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